Mia Air AP102 Purifier Filter Set – Ryco Air Quality

Mia Air AP102 Purifier Filter Set

$269.95 AUD

Mia Air 102 Filter Set includes 2x H14 HEPA filter and 2x activated carbon filter

Antimic® coated HEPA Filters trap many invisible airborne particles and cleans the polluted air in just a matter of seconds. It provides 99.99% fresh clean air to the room

The Mia Air H14 HEPA filter case is made of aluminum and the filter media is made using fiberglass. The Mia Air activated carbon filter case is made of ABS material and the media activated carbon

Filters are completely effective on dust, pollen, allergens, pet hair and dander, chemical vapor, odours of smoker, microorganisms


For Mia Air purifier(s): AP102, RAP102

Cross Reference / OE Part

AP102 Filter Set

Number Required


Filter Life

12 Months (Ryco recommend replacing filters every 6 Months.


(LxWxH): 265 x 500 x 83 mm (HEPA); 264 x 497 x 18 mm (carbon)


White, Black