Mia Air AP102 Air Purifier Unit – Ryco Air Quality

Mia Air AP102 Air Purifier Unit

$1,575.00 AUD

Mia Air offers superior indoor air quality that will improve the quality of life.

Why Mia Air?
Our homes, schools and workspaces, which we spend 90% of our lives, are at least 10 times more polluted than outdoors. Designed to clean airborne pollutants, the Mia Air provides the indoor air quality required for a healthier life.

The Mia Air 102 removes airborne pollutants and viruses including dust, pollen, allergens, pet hair and odour along with chemical vapor, microorganisms and smoke from the air via highly efficient and effective filtration.

The Mia Air constantly cleans the air based on the size of the area of use without affecting the ambient temperature to increase air quality.

  • EN 1822 certified
  • H14 HEPA filtration
  • Effective room area: 100 m²
  • Fan output: 900 m³ per hour (250 l/s, 530 cfm)
  • Fan Power consumption at max: 80 W
  • Silent running (35 – 58 dbA)
  • 4 fan settings
  • Sensors: PM, VOC, T, RH, CO2
  • Filtration material: Surface area of 11 m²
  • Activated Carbon:  Massive separate panels
  • Anti-bacterial coating:  Antimic

The Mia Air has 5 Different Modes
Mia Air provides high performance with 5 different modes; the modes can be adjusted based on the pollution level in the room, which provides a more effective cleaning.

  • Silent Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • Auto Mode
  • Turbo Mode
  • Manual Mode

Effective Room Coverage 100m2


(LxWxH): 380 x 380 x 660 mm


White, Anthracite