World Ventilation Day - November 8th 2023 – Ryco Air Quality

Breathe Better, Live Better

This year for World Ventil8 Day, the theme is ‘Breathe Better, Live Better’, and Ryco Air Quality stands behind this message to promote the best possible air quality for healthier lives.
In a time where more vehicles are on the road, chemicals are used everywhere every day, and the possibility of airborne viruses infiltrating indoor spaces remains ever present, air purification and ventilation couldn’t be more important.
Up to 90% of modern life is spent indoors, from home, to work, to fitness centres, and even social outings to enclosed restaurants, shopping centres, and the like. Humans are not spending nearly as much time outdoors as we used to, and if we are, there’s little guarantee for clean fresh air in congested areas.
Air purifiers can greatly reduce exposure to harmful indoor pollutants meaning they can improve allergy symptoms and breathing conditions for those in the vicinity.
Some HEPA filters are capable of filtering with 99.97% of air pollutants from 0.3 microns in size. Air purifiers can be helpful in controlling environmental triggers for those who suffer from allergies, reducing airborne disease, and can even remove mould spores from the air.
From air purifier units to replacement filters, Ryco Air Quality products aim to provide the best in air filtration for those looking to improve the air quality in their space.
So, when you need to take a deep breath, be Ryco Ready.