Replacement Air Filters – Ryco Air Quality
Replacement filters sold separately

Air Purifier replacement filters are easily replaced with minimal fuss, without the need for special tools or processes.

All air purifier systems utilise various different replacement filters, from panel to radial style replacement filters. Replacing these filters on a regulars basis is important to ensure you maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your systems ability to clean the air within your office, school or home environment. Replacement filters are designed to remove harmful pollutants and particles from the air, some replacement filters also include additional carbon layers to help remove odours from the environment. Some also include coatings to kill bacteria that builds up on the surface of the filter. Timely replacement of the filters as recommended on the units instructions is therefore paramount to ensure these harmful microorganisms and bacteria are removed from your Air Quality Purifier system.

Most replacement filters are easily removed without the need of special tools or procedures, check your units user guide for full details.